Dissenting Minds is a new band from Athens,Greece founded in 2019  by George Triantafyllidis(ex Revolted Masses) and Spyros Vasilakis (Fallen Arise,Lycans).Later Anastasis Katsos(Lycans)  joined the group.The band’s style is that of heavy/black metal infused with  death and post elements.They just finished their first concept-album debut titled “Fly in The Face of God”.It’s a compelling musical journey in a dystopic future.The album released in 18 june and is available currently on bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.

Band Members

Spyros Vasilakis – Guitars

George Triantafyllidis – Guitars,Vocals

Anastasis Katsos – Drums


Dissenting Minds – Fly In the Face of God


Produced by Dissenting Minds at xPariahproductions

Mixed by George Triantafyllidis

Mastering by Henrik Udd

Artwork by Jenny Elven